Sales Consulting for Financial Advisors & Insurance Agents

Stay Ahead of the Pack with DMI Marketing

You have dedicated your career to helping your clients find solutions to their financial needs. That’s no easy task. Competition is tough. You need a team behind you that can keep you ahead of the pack by uncovering opportunities to grow your business.

DMI Marketing Sales Consulting Services

We can provide you with a team of seasoned Sales Consultants who understand your challenges and offer solutions. You don’t need products pushed at you – you need the right product at the right time. You need sales ideas and closing strategies. We are here to meet those needs.

Annuity Sales

Presenting annuities to your clients in today’s environment demands unique solutions. Clients in or near retirement are in need of guarantees due to increasing longevity and the risk of outliving their savings. Annuities play an important role in their financial futures precisely because they protect them against those very risks. At the same time, new regulations and a focus on compliance challenge advisors in ways never before seen.

Our Annuity Sales Consultants provide personalized service to match your business needs while never losing sight that your customers’ best interests are
the basis for your business.


Life Insurance Sales

Life Insurance is about protection, preservation and tax-free income. Whether it is protecting a young family through term insurance, creating a supplemental retirement plan using Indexed Universal Life, or preserving wealth through more complicated estate planning, our Life Sales Consultants design solutions that meet your clients’ specific needs.

Products are important, and at DMI, we have a complete portfolio of life products, but our Life Sales Consultants are also focused on sales ideas, concepts and helping you uncover new opportunities. Our advisors also benefit from our more than 25 year relationships with advanced markets attorneys and underwriters who recognize our success.