I have been fortunate in my professional career to be able to focus on my strengths. Conversations inspire me and working in sales has enabled me to talk, and more importantly, LISTEN to a wide variety of people on a daily basis.”

National Sales Consultant

Cynthia Callis

Industry Experience:

15+ Years


Life Sales

About Cynthia

Cynthia Callis has been an award-winning insurance wholesaler for 15 years. She has worked all across the country partnering with agents and financial advisors to find workable, revenue producing solutions that best meet their clients’ insurance needs.
She blends a consultative sales approach and disciplined business knowledge with a deep grasp of insurance solutions. She has earned the trust of her agents and is viewed as a valued business collaborator.
She exhibits a “get it done” attitude that lets agents know that she is the one they want in their corner as a trusted partner. Things don’t always go as planned, these are the times you will appreciate her having your back.
Cynthia is from West Hartford, CT where she and her husband have raised three amazing children; now young adults. They all love to spend time participating in and watching theater, music, and magic.

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