What makes me stand out from the rest is my 24/7 availability to my clients and my absolute passion for your business and success. This means more to me than hitting production numbers.”

National Sales Consultant

Bryan Galligan

Bryan Galligan | Sales Consultant

Industry Experience:

6+ Years


Annuity Sales

About Bryan

Bryan Galligan has been in the business since 2013. He got his feet wet selling simplified whole life insurance policies to local union members and municipal workers door-to-door. Bryan quickly rose the ranks, going from agent to supervising agent to general agent in just 3 months, all based on his production. After roughly 1 year, Bryan discovered retirement planning was a service many of his clients needed, so he began a position with New York Life.

At NYL, Bryan was educated in Long-Term Care concepts, the annuity business, and more high-end life insurance sales products. In the fall of 2015, Bryan then joined DMI and has been in love with the independent space ever since.

Two things that make Bryan stand out from the rest are his 24/7 availability to his clients and his absolute passion for your business and success, which means more to him than hitting his production numbers.

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